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Gate of the World is a large-scale mixed-use project in Shijiazhuang. The 450m tower design is inspired by the core spirit of Chinese Philosophy: the Unity of Heaven and Man. The design reflects the curvy form of Chinese zither and the rhythmic flow of long dancing sleeves. The 4-storey podium consists of high-end retails, a healthcare center, an ice-world, an urban living room and a conference center with a greenhouse garden. 6 sky gardens on different levels offer unique vertical urban spaces. The new landmark will redefine the city skyline.

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The architectural design fully excavates the historical and cultural connotations of the project site, making it a new landmark. The tourist attraction Humen Fort is on the other side of the project, bringing a cultural connotation to the yacht club building. Combined with the characteristics of local climate, all functional rooms have an advantageous lighting and ventilation through the master planning. After the project was put into operation, it was appreciated by the majority of users and achieved good economic and social benefits.

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Abstract House

The residence utilizes a modern aesthetic while retaining a central courtyard, which evokes the traditional Kuwaiti practice in the building of houses. Here the residence is allowed to acknowledge both past and present, without clashing. The water feature at the steps of the main door sweeps outwards, the floor to ceiling glass helps keep the spaces more open, allowing the users to go between outside and inside, past and present, effortlessly.

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Double-Crane Lake

The project is located in the International Garden Expo of Zhengzhou Airport District. As local landmark and the most important development, the design fully considered Zhengzhou traditional culture and fast-speed logistic economy bloom. Facing the Double-Crane Lake, the project master layout plan has fully make use of the lake view for the tower orientation by rotating the footprint 30 degrees which also avoids tower overlooking.

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Light Cube

The light cube serves as an public function of Optics Valley Central City and is responsible for holding the annual CIOE. It is also a complement to the functions of the surrounding districts. The project adopts the design of a unique geometric metal truss as the facade, which can reduce 30% of the air conditioning energy consumption; a more than 250 meters reception hall integrated the public transport routes, as well as connected the 37 meters high three storey Exhibition Center.

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The Spiral DNA

Zhengzhou Airport Biomedical Park aims to build an image with demonstrative effect. The Exhibition Center as a small-scale public building for exhibition is designed for industry promotion and image display from architectural form and service space. The design combines the surrounded outdoor sunshade louvers with the ramps circling around the indoor atrium, forming the internal and external double helix DNA shape, which echoes the motif of DNA biomedicine, and also solves the needs of customers.

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