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Flamingo Club

The main building is also the access, enclosing the hall, the restaurant, a commerce, public areas and rooms. As the rest of the complex it had suffered a mixture of styles being cleaned with this master plan. The east and south facades have organic shapes while the west is more orthogonal. An extension in its east, south, west corner generates a transition between organic and regular. This extension links the nature of the preexistence but cleans its ornaments with pure horizontal lines creating a mass and void perception. The structure is set back from the facade to assure the continuity.

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Wuxin Minshuku

The architectural appearance of the restaurant is not a traditional square space, but a combination of smooth lines and arcs. Designers choose concrete columns as the foundation, so that the whole building floating off the ground, not only the shape of personality and beauty, but also to achieve moisture-proof effect. The buildings in the hotel room area are arranged in the shape of Chinese character 'Pin' to form a good sense of enclosure, while the stairs spiral around the bamboo tube structure, forming a sense of rhythm.

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National Trade Center

National Trade Center is a 165m tall office building prime located in Taichung city-Taiwan, within the emerging CBD. The iconic building replicates the unique silhouette of a bamboo shoot – a plant commonly found in Taichung which symbolizes prosperity in Chinese culture. The faceted façade undulates with horizontal awnings with distinctive rain covers and window-walls to emphasise the unique shape and curves of the building. The elliptical shape allows maximum light penetration to the office area.

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Zhuhai Hengqin CRCC Plaza Project

Hengqin CRCC Plaza features a signature sky bridge which symbolises integration, connection and communication that links all four towers within the development and offers office, retail and leisure facilities as well as outdoor terraces. Orientation of the buildings take full advantage of the site and surroundings. The two taller Grade-A office towers occupy the southeast and northeast corners of the site, standing at road intersections with better land values and views.

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Slabs House

The Slab House was designed to juxtapose construction materials, combining wood, concrete, and steel. The design is at once hyper-modern yet discreet. The huge windows are an immediate focal point, but they are protected from the weather and street-view by concrete slabs. Gardens feature heavily in the property, both on the ground level and at the first floor, allowing the residents to feel connected to nature as they interact with the property, creating a unique flow as one moves from the entrance to the living areas.

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Contemporary Mosque

The idea behind the design by Saffar Studio for the Golshahr plaza started with a very simple question: Is it possible for a contemporary Architecture to play in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood, culture, history, and context? This design inspired by the dialogue between Context and function. This mosque and plaza is designed for people and their cultural needs that have roots in history so the studio tried to find a process of emerging religious architecture in Iran such as mosques and Persian gardens and reshaping them with innovative design solutions.

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