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Built for comfort as well as being elegant. This design is truly eye-catching and remarkable inside and out. Features include oak wood, windows made to bring in plenty of sunlight, and it is soothing to the eyes. It is mesmerizing by its beauty and the technique. Once you are in this house, you can't but notice the serenity and the oasis feeling that takes over you. The breeze of the trees and the surrounding with the sun rays makes this house a unique place to live in away from the busy city life. The Basalt house is built to please and accommodate a variety of people.

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Quad House

With advanced and underlying design conception and construction approach, the building, once a dangerous one, was reconstructed to recall the attractive moment of the ancient quadrangle in the center of Beijing. Considering the difficulty of rebuilding and how to balance the style of the bar with privacy and respond to the whole context, the modern function was accentuated to blend into the historic surroundings to deal with the three paradoxes —— new and old, low-key and high-end, market and comfort.

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Nippo Junction

Nippo Head Office is built over a multilayered intersection of urban infrastructure, a traffic artery,an expressway and a park. Nippo is a leading company in road construction. We defined“ Michi”, (“street” in Japanese), the basis of our design concept as“ what connects a variety of components”. Michi connects the building with the urban context and also connect individual work spaces with each other. Michi was enhanced to forge“ creative connections” and to realize the“ Junction Place”, a unique work place possible only here at Nippo.

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Kuara is made for those that aim for rest and relaxing integrated to nature. A reference in contemporary design, culture, and gastronomy in Brazil. A project that creates a modern concept of a Brazilian architecture. A private sanctuary, becoming memory from the Brazilian identity, reminding of what’s more precious: the rich Brazilian nature, as generous mother, provide the primary foundations of survival, in a fascinating invitation to a healthy relation with the environment, settled in respect and harmony with nature.

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Warm Transparency

Conventionally, a hospital tends to be a space that has poor natural color or material due to artificial structure material to improve the functionally and the efficiency. Therefore, patients feel that they are being apart from their daily life. A consideration for a comfortable environment where patients can spend and free from stress, should be taken. TSC architects provide an open, comfortable space by setting an L-shaped open ceiling space and the large eaves by using a plenty of wood material. The warm transparency of this architecture connects people and medical services.

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Alila Wuzhen

This project overall pattern takes villages south of the Yangtze River as its prototype, and retains the spatial forms, basic elements, architectural scales and color relations of traditional tribes. The tranquil water surface and pure architectural form are well coordinated, which perfectly reflects the multi-level and semi-transparent relations between buildings, between buildings and plants, as well as between buildings and water surface.

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