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Interpretation of Romanesque

The building consists of seven volumes of exposed concrete with different heights. Each of them represents a unique exhibition space and to explore the relation between each one, an illuminated spatial distribution structure was created with a glass covering that leads to the access of each of these volumes. This connection axis explores the contrasts of light versus dark in the exhibition spaces. The building adapts to the present without forgetting the important Romanesque past, creating an atmospheric symbiosis between different times.

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The Square

The Design idea was to study architectural relations between different shapes that are being composed together to create like moving units. The Project consists of 6 units each one is 2 shipping containers fixed over each other forming an L Shape Mass. these L shaped units are fixed in overlapping positions creating Voids and Solid to give the feeling of movement and to provide sufficient daylight and a good ventilation environment. The main design goal was to create a small house for those who spend the night in the streets with no home or shelter.

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House in Shiraiwa

A house is located in north of Hamamatsu city in Japan, and it is surrounded by mandarin plantation on mountain which is feature of the area.Its space are equally divided into two different sections, Indoor and semi-outdoor space, to get the sense of relationship between nature and inhabitation that has been lost in modernism. The pergola is consisted with complex stripe pattern which gives poetic silhouette changed by angle of sunlight to give users sense of time.

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The proposal highlights nature's beauty in our urban lives, as a result, it creates a new standard of lifestyle in the city as well as introducing a breath of tranquillity into the neighborhood. The internal courtyard becomes an intermediate space functioning both as an important temperature regulator but also as a means of communicating and unifying the interior spaces. Inspired by the environmental effects that cities have on CO2 emissions and global warming, the designers tried to emphasize that the implementation of urban gardens into the home design is welcoming and achievable.

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Termalija Family Wellness

Termalija Family Wellness is the latest in the series of projects which Enota has built at Terme Olimia in the last fifteen years and concludes the complete transformation of the spa complex. Viewed from a distance, the shape, color and scale of new clustered structure of tetrahedral volumes is a continuation of the cluster of the surrounding rural buildings, visually extending into the heart of the complex. The new roof acts as a big summer shade and doesn't usurp any of the precious exterior space.

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Chinese Quadrangle

This is a recently completed quadrangle project in Luoyang. Throughout the planning process, the designer adheres to the principles of ingenuity, sincerity, meticulousness and reassurance, and deeply grasps the traditional Chinese culture, spatial scale and human settlement concept, and walks away from the psychedelic feelings of modern and ancient times. The Chinese quadrangle courtyard, as the crystallization of traditional wisdom and civilization, is also a dynamic architectural model worthy of our reference in today's increasingly common urban housing.

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