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ERC Autumn Village

The first element of the space is a vanishing bookstore, which is expressed with the concept of a "home". At the space core, there is a skylight courtyard at the center with a waxberry tree, surrounded by interlacing platforms of different floor heights, creating an open space layout. Moreover, the flexible changes of the displays and layouts suit different functions. All these resemble the image of the traditional Chinese courtyard residence, which also a place for the co-living of people, creating a sense of warmth for the urban life.

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Yongning Station

Yongning Station is an urban MINI complex with public toilets as the main function and combined with leisure, exhibition and other supporting services."Open" is the first thinking of architecture to intervene in the site. It opens the visual channel of city and landscape like uncovering exhibition, forms the shape of "eight". Along the route, there is a public exhibition hall facing the river view on the left, an introverted public toilet space on the right, and a strip corridor walking among the Osman thus trees.

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SV Villa

The SV Villa premise is to live in a city with the privileges of the countryside as well as contemporary design. The site, with incomparable views of the city of Barcelona, Montjuic Mountain and the Mediterranean Sea in the background, creates unusual lighting conditions. The house focuses on local materials and traditional production methods while maintaining a very high level of aesthetics. It is a house that has sensitivity and respect for its site

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Cladded in metal sheets in a minimal form, the house stands modestly respecting the scenery around the site. The main structure is in steel frame, of which components are standardized to the module of the traditional Japanese timber structure in order to maintain the familiar sense of scale for the residents. The wood sliding doors give the house’s interior continuity and depth, adding flexibility and openness to it. The water sceneries in the garden with gently undulating ground create various views from each room facing to the south facade.

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House in Toyonaka

Located in a residential district in northern Osaka, this property is surrounded by closely packed houses and lacks any outstanding views. Due to the adjacent homes, maintaining privacy was of the utmost importance. The aim of the design was therefore to create a stimulating and beautiful space that nevertheless had no large windows and was closed to the outside world.

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We Share

The placement of these two city plug-ins conveys a social spirit of sharing and respecting to the public. Designers believe that urban public facilities should present a service manner to users. Therefore, the design should weaken the limitations of the function as much as possible to make it more open and more inclusive. The space that once abandoned has been cured and activated, so that sanitation workers can have a place to shelter from the rain and wind, arouse the public's enthusiasm for reading, and convey the beauty and warmth.

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