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Design of Complementary Building

The project is located in Qin Lake Scenic Area, China. Within limited transformation scope and considering sensible cost control, the designers removed the original outer skin of the building and redesigned the facade of the building on the west side with a wind curtain wall. The large-scale canopy does not only meet the requirements of the entrance function, but also completes the wind curtain wall; the east side of the building adopts a perforated aluminum curtain wall to enrich the light and shadow interplay of the building facade.

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Taizhou Mansion

The project was designed by UCGD, commissioned by VANKE. And this is VANKE’s first project to implement the standardized module design. The design of the building focuses on making a positive contribution to the surroundings.Because of the narrow site, the project was to create natural surroundings of the building and keep connection in-between. Due to referencing Chinese garden, the walls give the project its own character, which not only lowed the impact of messy environment, but also create many winding paths and framed beautiful spaces.

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Borgio Verezzi

Borgio Verezzi is a residential building with twenty-two floors, in the city of Caxias do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil. The choice for a differentiated residential product was a conviction of the developer and the architectural firm since its earliest studies. Volumetrically, the building is constituted of a vertical monolith of which they were suppressed volumes in their corners where are located their balconies. These balconies are pushed and stretched for a better viewing and sunlight of each plane.

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Sun Shed

The sun shed renovation starts and finishes in the countryside. The design concept stems from a rural scene: the blue sky, innocent fields, buzzing frogs, the fragrant air in the shade of the trees. It is a common middle-axis banquet space model, adjusted to the central stage as the basis of the circular radiation type banquet space. It is a attempt on adaptive reuse of village renovation.

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Zen Mood

Zen Mood is a conceptual project centered in 3 key drivers: Minimalism, adaptability, and aesthetics. Individual segments are attached creating a variety of shapes and uses: homes, offices or showrooms can be generated making use of two formats. Each module has been designed with 3.20 x 6.00m arranged in 19m² within 01 or 02 floors. The transportation is mainly made by trucks, also it can be delivered and installed in just one day. It is a unique, contemporary design that creates simple, lively and creative spaces made possible through a clean and industrialized constructive method.

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The Peach Garden

In this project, the designer shows enough respect for the old house during the reconstruction. The addition part adopts the form of wood structure, which not only makes the connection between new and old buildings appear natural, but also makes the new part have a light feeling, as well as continuous space. At the foot of the mountains and the Great Wall, the transparent interface is impressive, especially when architecture and nature blend each other.

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