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Fengqi Chang’an Aesthetics Museum

Inspired by nature, traditional Chinese gardens, and landscape paintings, through the combo of different sizes of functional forms, architects combine various courtyards and inlay the elements of verandas to create a continuous, flexible, and rich garden space. Besides the usage for the exhibition, the building takes the experience of visitors in the garden into account. The courtyards are set up according to various functions, including the ones for display, communication, meditation, activities and etc., which are blended with each other through crisscrossed corridors.

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Muh Shoou Xixi

Muh Shoou originally means the last fruit left by farmers on the tree with the special intention of sharing it with animals in nature so as to pray for the harvest of the coming year. That’s just where the name of Muh Shoou Xixi comes. The architect attempts to present the natural beauty of Xixi Wetland - coldness, quietness, uniqueness, wildness and seclusion - to visitors through the design and evoke the resonance between human and the primitive nature through the architecture. While rambling in the Wetland, it's hidden in the dense forest quietly with poetic aesthetics.

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Tibetan Eagle

The campsite is located beside Ranwu Lake with the altitude 3960m. This place provide the site for people who desire to road trip to stay and enjoy the view of Ranwu Lake. The project use modern materials to describe the Tibetan characters, most of materials are environmentally friendly. This local color are red and white which is exactly what the project want to use on weathering steel & fiber cement to interpret the meaning of color. For environmental protection, this project use lots of local waste materials, like stones after debris flow disaster and woods from worn train tracks.

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Online City Co-life Center

Co-life center is a new exploration of product mode under the background of consumption and experience upgrading. Under the new sales mode, make the sales module compressed. Light catering, handicraft, flower shop, children's activities and other entertainment function are integrated into the design of the golden space on the first floor, and only a small sand table exhibition area is retained. The sales function is placed on the second floor and which is defined as the "good life institute". The Co-life center created an experience atmosphere of returning to life.

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City Of Light

A river is in front of this project. The design concept from the rhythm of the water itself with the usage of the liquid-like blob architecture. The designer blends the curve with the geometric shape and forms a streamlined building with a sense of technology and future. It breaks the traditional concept of Founder architecture and integrates streamlined fashion design into architectural design so that the whole building looks like a streamlined ocean wave. The public space increase the interaction of the neighborhood. Everyone has more communities communication and people-to-people contact.

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Design of Complementary Building

The project is located in Qin Lake Scenic Area, China. Within limited transformation scope and considering sensible cost control, the designers removed the original outer skin of the building and redesigned the facade of the building on the west side with a wind curtain wall. The large-scale canopy does not only meet the requirements of the entrance function, but also completes the wind curtain wall; the east side of the building adopts a perforated aluminum curtain wall to enrich the light and shadow interplay of the building facade.

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